by Broken Fabiola

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***Headphones and drugs are highly recommended for the listening of these recordings.***

The time has arrived for Broken Fabiola to bid you all adieu and a very fond farewell. Recorded over the last 12 years between Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Miami, “Dénouement” is now the final album and the last chapter for Broken Fabiola. Featuring guests vocalists Nissa, Zoya Heban / Digital.rape and Vida, “Denouement” is a perfect blend of past and present elements that made Broken Fabiola the project that it is.

Since it's inception, Broken Fabiola became the most personal artistic output for me musically, but it had always been slated to an uncertain end. The end came to fruition and was eventually realized last year and it is only until now that we can finally offer our swan song. Thanks to all the supporters of the project that have been so kind and gracious to us over all these years. If you have ever heard the project or are about to hear it for the first time, thank you.


Dedicated to Felipe & Gael


released January 1, 2015

Written and produced by Karloz.M
words and vocals on 2 by Zoya Heban / Digital.rape
words and vocals on 5 by Nissa
words on 6 by Karloz.M vocals by Vida
Words on 8 by S.O and karloz.M
words on 10 by karloz.M vocals by Zoya Heban / Digital.rape
words on and vocals on 13 by Karloz.M
Cover design by Art|Ma

Recorded @ Broken Home Studios 2002-2015
Los Angeles | Seattle | Chicago | New York | Miami




Auricle Media Miami, Florida

Auricle Media is a small independent label and music publisher. It was founded in 2000 in Seattle Washington.

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Track Name: End of Recognition
who came back from the town last night
were you partying were you raiding
were you high were you down

filled your mouth emptied your head
as long as you're half full you are doing great

so fucking altruistic
not thinking about yourself
going out of your way
not to think about yourself

mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the you out of them all
catch a glimpse of the glass
bleeding stranger's staring back

did you save your soul
did you pay the rent
do you fuck each weekend
are you living well

embrace the night
forget your name
snort some smiles
dance death away
Track Name: Veil of Insecurity
You have an empty heart
when you
can tear mine apart

lure me back
my heart never changed

you can’t hug me
you don’t kiss me
You take all
I can give
and tell me

I’m no good for you

You have these
when you’re telling me

I’m no good for you

Look into my eyes
when I cry

Do you feel the guilty inside?

I’m no good for you
Track Name: Mirage of Insomnia
an ocean of sand
where I buried myself and my thoughts
so I could shelter my dreams from the sun
and the tiny grains kept me safe for a long time
until at last the winds had their final say
and once again I became exposed to the truth of light
so pure and intense was this brightness
that I burned for nearly a century
the moment was short lived
as was my soul and all of my dreams

I now live exposed just as all the dreamers do
subjected to the elements of uncertain desires
Track Name: Radiance of Stilness
no matter how far away
I feel I left it behind
no matter how much I think
they've all forgotten me

my forgettable face
they never forget
and they always come back
to make sure
I never rose

I'm frozen
I'm stone
I'm not coming out of it
I'm here and I've been here

times hands never untied

my life is as much
as a mirror to those
who once touched my heart
other people
other life times

but suddenly
I was someone else
no longer untouchable
no longer a mystery

I'm frozen
I'm stone
I'm not coming out of it
I'm here and I've been here

times hands never untied

they never untied
Track Name: Symptoms of Wisdom
The divisions we devised
are now finally set in stone
And the outcome of the dream
will embrace us like moss

As the arrival of the symptoms of the wisdom that confounds us
Lead us further
further than the farthest reckless voyage we've endured

Take my kindness
and my blindness
as a gift you should consume

For the moon will turn the tide
and those sleeping will soon rise

As the judgments placed upon you
based on every broken word
Will be marks upon our souls’
and the scars we’ll try to hide

The days become syncopated movements
subservient to our thoughts
As we, outdated and outnumbered
relics persist for the rain filled nights

And we do our very best to remain unharmed
by the claws of bitterness
But the hours melt to seconds every time we take the risk
to close our eyes

Meet me here
now on the ground we both once knew
upon your knees

And deliver me with greatness
and a majesty only known in Babylon

Become a myth and a tale of legend
unbeknownst to my own kind

Devour the subconscious
and the damage we construed to be our own

We will never be free.
Track Name: To desire is to suffer
I remember the silence you kept
every word that you could never say
desires you kept from your heart

and as every year goes by
I question how far
we might be
from being
the light and the fire
without the denial
that we once were

that we once were

the end's never certain nor clear
for someone like you or like me
no matter how far
time descends

and removes itself
from our grasp
from our reach
from our dreams
that we once shared

that we once shared

If you close your eyes
and remember my name
remember my kiss
then you might see
what you were meant to be

so now that we've come to depend
on thoughts and the memories of us
our past and our future become

the present

just like we once were

like we once were