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My dearest Leslie,

I am dedicating this last album to you. For this entire journey of love began with you, what seems like many life times ago. Karma has finally come to terms with me and exacting it's just price. I am currently undergoing the same experience I put you through so many, many years ago. I will never be able to shake what was done. Now, the karmic torch of torment has been passed down to a new soul. What a vicious cycle of lament this has all been. There truly is no escape from this. I must be leaving soon, so I hope these recordings and these words find you well and happy, wherever you might be. You will forever have a most precious place in my heart and I take with me nothing but the fondest memories of us.

I have loved you always and forever.

One last poem for you,

I threw it all away
For a hopeless dream
I dove head first into oblivion
Just to see what would happen

I was born reckless, a mistake

I never expected to be alive
Long past my crimes of passion
Scarred by every memory
Of us

I saw you on the street that night
Looking up at the window
At least I think it was you
I knew I would bleed for this

But the drugs complicate desire
You made a man out of me
And I killed that man, slowly
For a worthless cause
Easy pleasure and easy flesh

I understand completely, now
With profound sorrow
Of the massive pain I inflicted
Of the damage I brought forth
I am but a shadow of that man
A ghost

They have tried to kill me
I have tried to help them
To no use

Caught in the inevitable meat grinder
For nothing

We will always have those sunny afternoons
We will always have the twins
treasure & garlands
We will always have our secrets burning
By the clay statuettes

I'm a monster now
Passing my knowledge of misery
To any and all willing to learn
Scaring and torturing all love

- KM


released April 30, 2017

All words and music by KarloZ.M
Vocals on 1, 3, & 6 By Amy L.
Additional production on 8 by Seven Ward
Words on 3, traditional Greek folk song

Cover designed & Photograph by Art|Ma

Published by Auricle Media.




Auricle Media Miami, Florida

Auricle Media is a small independent label and music publisher. It was founded in 2000 in Seattle Washington.

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Track Name: time traveled, time wasted
Become an ending
Become unraveled
Become indulgence
Become a reason

destroys all love
yet builds,
unspeakable memoirs
within minuscule
of our hearts

We hold..
our secrets close.
our desires..
run away
from our grasp

the hearts only purpose
is to yearn

a kiss unleashes
we don't want to escape

we are nothing
if not passion
in the vastness of time
Track Name: a mimic reflection
Wake up, my little one, and listen
to the minor of dawn
that was composed for you
out of lament from a soul

open your window
bestow upon me
your sweet glance
and then let me fade away, my little one
in a corner
by the front of your home

wither away
Track Name: the end of dreams
Over the distance
Over the dreams
Under illusions
Under false spells

Compassionate movements
Compulsive deceit

Divisive thoughts
Elusive reality

So tell me love
The meaning to endure
Such tragedy

Tell me love
The secrets that you shared
Its no mystery

Their hands wont sooth
The wounds you’re trying to heal
Their words wont last
To keep you from your past
Track Name: vanishing
to escape the pain

to fade away


And I will always kiss you
in elevators



Onto desire
Track Name: a karmic debt
The treachery
and the lies
you set out to destroy me with
will find their way back home
to you
To you

They’ll find their way back home
to you

Manipulation dies
every time you see your eyes
in the mirror of discontent
in the emptiness of your heart
it comes back home
to you

The energy
you put out to deceive
the conscious
decisions you made to betray
it all comes back
to you

to you

Always comes back to you

There’s no escape from this
the damage is already done
time is a circle and sooner or later
it all comes back
To you

All comes back to you