Godless Devices

by Industria Secundaria

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The world we live in is changing, dramatically. Our oceans are now riddled with hundreds of dead zones that are killing habitats, coral reefs and sea life at alarming rates. The world's oceans are being inundated with vast amounts of plastic garbage. The plastic is also doing away with wild life including birds, mammals and fish. The Polar Ice caps are now melting faster then any one had ever thought possible and its frightening scientists all over the world. This melting will cause the rise of the sea levels threatening the world's coasts to be submerged under water. Volcano activity has risen to an all time high. Natural disasters once measured in decades are now measured monthly if not weekly. The largest plant and animal species extinctions since the days of the dinosaurs are now commonplace through out the world. Carbon Dioxide Emissions are higher then ever and growing immensely. Deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems through out the world continue to devastating effects. Global warming is now in effect all over the world and we can all see it and feel it individually through our local strange climate changes and temperatures from day to day.

The water supply of every major city in the world is now contaminated with toxins and chemicals used for cleaning, painting, building, construction, cars and animal fecal matter. Over the counter drugs such as antibiotics, narcotics, barbiturates, and every other drug known to man is now available directly from your household tap in your kitchen or bathroom sink. Chemical spraying on grains and food supplies all over the world is dramatically altering the way we eat and consume foods. The world's mistreatment of meat farms are resulting to their vast quantities of infections and deceases prepared daily for your consumption. The air we're breathing is more polluted then it's ever been.

This is what we created, and this, is where we belong.



released November 1, 2008

Produced and Written by Karloz.M




Auricle Media Miami, Florida

Auricle Media is a small independent label and music publisher. It was founded in 2000 in Seattle Washington.

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